Abbott’s recipe for retirement


Former prime minister Tony Abbott says he is focussing on relaxing while still keeping himself busy but will not be taking up any lucrative consulting roles or directorships in his post-parliamentary life.

Mr Abbott would not be drawn on the question of whether former federal cabinet ministers Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne should have taken roles in corporations involved in work associated with their former portfolios.

“Look, uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh….I’m not going to get into that sort of debate,” Mr Abbott said.

“I lost Warringah on May 18 and now I’m looking forward to doing other things with my life.”

When The Bug visited Mr Abbott at his Sydney home we found those “other things” included baking and decorating cakes.

“It’s ….. uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh…. it’s something I never had much time for when I was in parliament,” he said.

“But ….. uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh…. I have always found it really relaxing. I ….. uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh… I don’t eat the cakes myself because I want to keep fit and trim for swimming, surfing, cycling and other physical activities.

“So I ….. uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh…. I make and decorate cakes and give them away to friends or colleagues,” he said while putting the finishing touches to a cake he had made for currently incarcerated former Catholic archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell (main picture).

Mr Abbott said baking kept him busy and he had made a long list of people for whom he wanted to bake and send special cakes.

abbott cake ingredientsThe list even included his political successor and nemesis, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“That may ….. uhh uhh…aaah….heh heh….that may surprise you, but I feel giving Malcolm one of my cakes is just the right thing for me to do,” he said while setting out the ingredients for the Turnbull cake (pictured).