Turnbull taking it hard


Friends of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull are growing increasingly concerned about his behaviour since losing the nation’s top political job last August.

Their anxiety has risen this week after Mr Turnbull staged his own “G20” summit at his Point Piper mansion overlooking Sydney Harbour (pictured).

g20billboard“Malcolm is obviously finding it hard to let go of the PM’s job, even almost a year after being dumped,” one close associate told The Bug.

“Everyone knows he is filthy rich and they think that means he can pay for the best possible therapy to overcome the psychological issues that naturally arise in high achievers like him who suddenly find themselves turfed out of a job they love and may have worked for their entire life.

“Sadly in Malcolm’s case he’s using his money not to seek help for himself but to do things like stage his own version of the G20.

“His house is big enough for him to have paid tens of thousands of dollars to build a ‘G20’ conference room which he filled with ‘world leaders’.

“It was a bit tragic watching it all unfold. He paid a local employment agency to engage people to play the G20 prime ministers and presidents, including a 46-year-old bricklayer who took the role of Donald Trump in a not very convincing way (main picture).

“The agency erroneously sent around a chubby bloke to play Boris Johnson, not realising he wasn’t yet UK prime minister, so at the last minute Lucy Turnbull had to put on a grey wig and play Theresa May.

“Malcolm even insisted on having her do a jerky and uncomfortable dance for the other ‘world leaders’.

“It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. In fact the whole fake ‘G20’ event was the saddest thing I’ve seen Malcolm do since the policy speech he delivered at the Liberal Party ‘campaign launch’ he held in his garage a week before the May election,” the Turnbull associate said.