A victory to remember

The Bug‘s finance and investment adviser signs up to an idea that will make sure one of our nation’s greatest sporting achievements isn’t forgotten.

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Dear Morrie

This isn’t in the realm of financial advice, but I don’t know who else I should ask.

I have been a big cricket fan since I was a kid and I played “tests”with other school friends in the backyard so I was disgusted and ashamed at the antics of some of our national team when they used sandpaper to tamper with the ball last year.

But, being a true blue Aussie team supporter I didn’t like the fact our boys were being heckled, jeered, and sledged about that incident during the recent World Cup matches in the UK.

So I was overjoyed when Australia thrashed England at Lords this week.

It seems to me that this event is going largely unmarked as far as our nation is concerned. I think it deserves to be commemorated in some way so I’m asking you if something could be done?

Cricket Tragic


Dear Cricket Tragic

You and every other cricket fan in our great nation have every right to expect this magnificent victory should be marked in some permanent way.

The rivalry between the Poms and those of us Down Under has been going since the Brits first sailed to our wonderful sunny land from the  wet and miserable place the UK still is.

Fair dinkum, their valiant efforts against the old enemy this week deserve commemoration for posterity.

To think they did it in the face of the type of sledging and name calling our team members would never even contemplate.

I don’t have to tell you that none of our Aussie sporting heroes or world-beating sporting team ever sink so low as that.

Sure, there was a bit of a baseless kerfuffle a while back when a couple of frisky lads wearing the baggy green sought to polish a ball with what turned out to be a less than smooth material.

But despite the catcalling by the Poms we’ve now had our revenge which is what sport is all about, isn’t it?

So, yes, your idea for some sort of memorial to this latest well deserved victory by our faultless sporting super heroes should be a goer.

Just what shape and form a memorial takes needs to be explored. A big bat and stumps with a lookout  or eatery in the bails? Supersized statues of our winning team with a souvenir shop in one of their runners? Or maybe a number of big balls with a tourist lookout on top that could be built around our nation (main picture) so all states and territories can share the memory forever?

All these possibilities need to be explored and I for one am available and determined to do it.

But this little project is going to take a bit of the cold hard to get off the ground.

I’ll need a fat little fund to finance a couple of trips around the nation and overseas to check out similar monuments.

I’m sure there’s a few cricket-themed statues or the like to look at in multi-cultural and sports-mad places like Hawaii, or even in the back alleys of Bangkok. And what a great name for a city that is, I’ve always thought.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot of work to be done and it’ll cost a motza for me to pull together a proposal for a suitable structure before approaching Cricket Australia or those shiny-arsed bureaucrats in Canberra for some big bucks to make this dream a reality.

So if you want to help, just send a donation — one or two Ks at the bare minimum — to my new fund and I’ll get things moving at my end.

Send a cheque made out to Celebrate Australia’s Sandpaper Heroes and I’ll get things started at my end.

Bugger it, to save your time and mine, just make it out to CASH.

I’ll be in touch.


Morrie Bezzle is director of Leg Break Debt Collection Agency Pty Ltd, general manager of Follow Through Adult Diapers Ltd, and principal of the Draw Stumps Amputee Portraiture School.