McGuire’s latest gaffe threatens career


An absolute “howler” on Millionaire Hot Seat last last week threatens to bring an end to the stellar TV entertainment career of Eddie McGuire.

The gaffe came late in the popular Channel 9 quiz show’s screening around 5.40pm on Thursday after a contestant had correctly answered that the Governor-General officially opened the first session of a new Australian parliament’s life.

McGuire, in what some insiders said was a pathetic attempt to show he knew something about things outside of Aussie rules, how well a cripple can toss a coin and Adam Goodes’ potential as an actor, ad-libbed that Australia’s current governor general Sir Peter Cosgrove “as Australia’s head of state” opened Parliament as Queen Elizabeth’s representative.

The Queen is in fact Australia’s head of state, something most Australian high-school students would know full well. Sir Peter is simply the quaint old biddy’s Australian brown-nosing lickspittle.

Seasoned industry insiders measured the gaffe as a 6.6 on the Trioli scale.

McGuire, to be fair, realised his gaffe straight away and stormed off. Head down, he walked up the two long corridors flanked by dozens of full-colour, larger-than-life photos of himself, straight into his dressing room and slamming and locking behind him the door with the giant silver star on it.

The Bug understands McGuire has refused to come out since.

“I’m really worried about him,” Mrs McGuire said. “He’s got to come out soon or the silly bugger will starve himself to death.

“Thank God he was sitting at home watching the show on replay when he spotted his gaffe – the show was taped weeks ago – so at least his entire family is here to help him through this.

“He’s in there right now muttering ‘Adam Goodes would have been perfect as King Kong and I still can’t see what all the fuss was about’ over and over again.”

In Sydney, Australian Republican Movement head honcho Peter Fitzsimons cast doubt on the level of McGuire’s remorse.

“Right-wing arseholes often deliberately call the GG our head of state to muddy the waters as they try to undermine calls for an Australian republic.

“Heck, I did it once myself.

“Do you think my head looks big in this brand-new bright-red bandana of mine?”