Indian miner bird sparks action


Former Australian Greens leader Dr Bob Brown is again leading a team of environmental activists to central Queensland in the wake of the state government’s final approval of the Carmichael mine.

Speaking at Hobart Airport this morning, Dr Brown said he was sparked into action by the last-minute discovery of an aggressive new bird species that is threatening the already endangered black-throated finch that lives in the area to be mined.

“It’s not too late to stop the mine and the 11th-hour discovery of the Indian miner bird (main picture) should be sufficient for the Queensland Government to freeze its approval until this issue can be sorted out,” he said.

“The Indian miner, or to give it its scientific name of adani opencutus, is a very aggressive species and I really fear for the future of the remaining black-throated finches in the vicinity of the proposed mine.”

Dr Brown said he would again be leading a large group of activists to central Queensland in his last-ditch bid to stop the mine.

But this time he would not be travelling by road as he did when he headed an anti-Adani convoy during the federal election campaign.

brown vipDr Brown, along with an initial 78 activists, were at Hobart Airport to board an RAAF VIP Boeing 737 (pictured) for the flight to central Queensland.

“I’m grateful to Prime Minister Scott Morrison for providing the VIP aircraft which will mean we can get to central Queensland a lot faster and spend a lot more time there than if we drove,” he said.

“He personally rang me to say the plane would pick me up in Hobart along with as many anti-mine protesters I could fit on board.

“He has even offered to have the aircraft make as many return flights to anywhere in Australia to ferry more protesters to central Queensland, and he told me we should stay there for as long as we like. For three years if possible,” Dr Brown said.