Bolts’ Bigg faces Origin hurdles

bolts dinkusSPORT:

The Brisbane Bolts will know tomorrow if it has succeeded in defending serious charges against its star forward tunneller Dick “No Nickname” Bigg, allowing him to take the field in the JDG’s first Origin of the Species match for 2019 next week.

But if he is free to play, Bigg (main picture) faces a further hurdle in nominating whether he plays for Queensland or NSW in this year’s popular tournament.

Bigg is facing up to five years in jail imprisonment for drink driving after allegedly recording a blood-alcohol reading of 3.7% following a match last Sunday. That’s almost twice his normal level.

Acting chair of the JDG Sir Lillian Pansy said it was likely crowd figures could be down if the popular Bigg was absent from the first match of the annual nine-strata grudgefest in which players in teams in all Australian states and territories are selected based on the jurisdiction in which they were conceived.

JDG rules provide for a player to nominate the team they wish to play for if their parents conceived them while straddling a state or territory border.

“So if Mr Bigg is not convicted of the charges against him, he will then need to appear before the JDG’s own special tribunal to argue for the state team he wants to play in,” Sir Lillian said.

At a court hearing yesterday, Bigg’s defence counsel Dicky Shearman QC said the star player had been celebrating his team’s win over the Fremantle Foreskins and had “simply lost count” of how many bottles of Scotch whisky he had consumed.

Police prosecutor Sgt Lewis Terry told the court Bigg led police on a 17km chase after driving his luxury SUV out of the Brisbane Bolts’ clubhouse car park at high speed, and reversing through a nearby RBT station.

He eventually drove back to the clubhouse where police used “stingers”  to deflate his vehicle’s tyres as Bigg caused his car to perform “doughnuts” in the clubhouse foyer.

Sgt Terry said a naked Bigg was forcibly removed from the SUV after being tasered four times — two of them at his own request.

Magistrate Maggie Strate reserved her decision in his case until today.

Outside the court Bigg said he looked forward to being found not guilty and playing for the Queensland Origin of the Species team.

“But I have to get that approved by the JDG tribunal because Mum and Dad have told me I was conceived on the Queensland/NSW border at Tweed Heads,” he said.

“They said they had been playing the pokies at Twin Towns RSL, got really pissed, and decided to leave and ‘play the pokies’ on a nearby median strip.

“Dad reckons they were on the Queensland side of the median strip, but Mum says they were going at it doggy style and she was looking into Queensland so she reckons I was conceived in NSW.

“But under JDG rules I get to choose so I’m going with Queensland.”

Brisbane Bolts’ CEO Terry Verandah told reporters gathered outside the Bolts’ clubhouse that the treatment of Bigg was “outrageous”.

“What sort of namby pamby, politically correct, nanny state are we in when a bloke can’t have a few bottles of Scotch and drive backwards, naked, at high speed through suburban streets?” Mr Verandah said.

“Our justice system will show it’s completely out of touch with average Aussies if Bigg is convicted.

“As usual he’s been pilloried by you two-faced pus-sucking insects in the media who wouldn’t know if you had a wombat up your dung funnel,” Mr Verandah said before literally spewing bile.

Brisbane Bolts’ coach, Jack Saunders, dismissed the allegations against Bigg.

“It’s just a bit of high-jinks; just some good-natured horseplay,” Saunders said.

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