Image change for mining firm


The multi-national Indian company behind the controversial Carmichael coal mining project in central Queensland is changing the name of its Australian subsidiary as well as the name of its major product as part of a renewed push to seek wider community support.

An Adani company spokesperson said the move was backed by intensive research showing Australians preferred “more friendly” and “inoffensive” names when it came to organisations and individuals.

“A case in point is the Prime Minister Scott Morrison,” the spokesperson told The Bug from the Adani headquarters in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

“Our research shows that a lot of Mr Morrison’s appeal and a major positive for him in the recent election campaign was based on the fact that he comes across as someone who isn’t ‘stuck up’, as you Australians like to say.

“His ‘knockabout’ image is reinforced by his nickname ‘ScoMo’. Our research shows it’s the same with the new Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese who also projects the image of an average sort of ‘bloke’ that’s strengthened by his nickname ‘Albo’.

“We examined all of these issues in our research and decided we would change our Australian company’s name from Adani to Adano.

ADANOBLDG“We’ve already started to make changes including at our office in Townsville (pictured).

“We believe this will make a big difference in our public image, and make Australians feel a lot more positive about us and what we do as we gear up to open the Carmichael mine.

“Having, as you might say, a ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie nickname will help our public image no end, I’m sure.

“We’ll also be extending the name change to the Carmichael mine’s product, so as soon as we get the go-ahead Adano will be mining and exporting coalo.

“That sounds a lot nicer too, doesn’t it? Could  anyone in Australia, from ScoMo or Albo down, object to giving tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people permanent, high-paying jobs in the coalo industry?” the spokesperson said.