Ten announces new show for Denyer

tvsetThe Ten Network has announced plans for a new afternoon game show to be hosted by Grant Denyer.

Network spokesperson Stu Dioten told The Bug the new project had been given the go-ahead as  a result of Denyer’s latest performance as host of Celebrity Name Game.

“I really have no idea what Celebrity Name Game is about and to be honest, neither does the network,” Mr Dioten said.

“In fact audience research shows they haven’t got a clue either. But they seem to like Grant and his impish style and banter.

“Grant has a long track record of hosting these types of lightweight game shows that have no real point to them.

“Everyone knows he started off as a weather presenter on Sunrise with the Seven Network and he went on to host a stack of shows such as It Takes Two, Slide Show, and Million Dollar Minute for Seven, and Game of Games for Ten.

“Nobody I know, including me, can remember what the hell any of those were about.

“In fact I’ve asked Grant about them and even he can’t remember the format for any of them.”

When The Bug asked for details on the format of the new program, Mr Dioten said he could not help.

“To be honest, Ten is happy to commission a new show, engage Grant to host it, and then spend money promoting it,” he said.

“But I think the network has just run out of ideas and really hasn’t put a lot of thought into the format.

“They, I mean we, really haven’t got a clue. But it will involve a big colourful set, lots of flashing lights, and some people doing things and making fools of themselves, but giving Grant a chance to crack jokes and make fun of them.”

Mr Dioten said Something Starring Grant Denyer would premiere on June 10 at 5.00pm.