France stakes its claim


Australia’s claim to be the birthplace of the lamington is under challenge from a new theory being floated that the iconic cake originated in France.

The accepted wisdom to date has been that the small chocolate and coconut-covered sponge was first baked and served in Brisbane to former Queensland Governor Lord Lamington in the late 19th century.

Popular history records that the Governor’s French-born chef needed to urgently feed unexpected guests and could find only some left-over vanilla sponge cake and dipped slices of it in chocolate then rolled them in coconut.

frenchstereoBut French food historian, Ethnique Stereotype (pictured), has claimed the cake originated in France decades before it was first served in Brisbane.

Speaking through one of The Bug’s translators in its Paris office, M. Stereotype said: “The identity of the person who first made the cake has been lost over the years.

“But my research shows the cake was  first made in the little village of Amington in the south of France in the early 19th century.

“It became so popular that it was soon became inextricably linked to the village and took its name, becoming known as L’Amington.

“Its recipe has remained unchanged for more than two centuries except for the years of food shortages and rationing covering the two World Wars when the chocolate coating and coconut could not be found or afforded and instead bakers substituted ground up cigarette ashes and dandruff.

“Importantly, the Australian claim to ownership relies on reference to a French chef of a colonial governor which reinforces the connection to France.

“It is clear to me that France owns L’Amington and Australians should stop claiming it as their own.”bakerfrench

Madame Es Cargot (pictured), a 96 year old boulanger in the village of Bor de Line Racism, supported M. Stereotype’s claims.

“My mother and her mother and her mother and so on have handed down the recipe for L’Amington and I still use it today,” she said.

“It belongs to France and you Aussies should, how you say?…. fuck off.”