PM gathers steam as Shorten stumbles


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LNP campaign strategists are ecstatic with the latest Newspoll showing Prime Minister Scott Morrison to be streets ahead of Bill Shorten on a tranche of key performance indicators.

The extent to which Mr Morrison has left the Opposition Leader trailing in his wake after the first two weeks of the federal campaign is dramatically revealed in the Newspoll to be published in arguably the nation’s best-selling national tabloid broadsheet,¬†The Australian tomorrow.

The Bug has once again obtained exclusive access to the poll results roughly two full hours before they are traditionally leaked to @GhostWhoVotes at about 9.43.25 pm the day before publication.

This newspaper also has been handed the almost-completed page-one mock-up for the Monday edition (pictured above) which is expected to sell in the hundreds due to interest in the federal election campaign.

The #Newspoll shows that while Mr Morrison as usual has stayed well ahead of Mr Shorten as preferred PM he also easily leads the beleaguered Labor leader on a series of crucial character attributes put to voters by the pollster for the very first time.

Some 1625 voters, polled from last Wednesday to Saturday, were asked: “While it is common knowledge that the LNP have always been the better economic managers and will always leave more of your money in your pocket, who do you prefer between confident, ebullient Mr Morrison or nervous, shifty Mr Shorten when it comes to the following key performance indicators?”

The results for each category are in brackets:

Better tennis player: (Morrison 63% Shorten 21% Undecided 16%)
Better Aussie rules football kicker: (Morrison 62% Shorten 19% Undecided 19%)
Better soccer striker: (Morrison 65% Shorten 22% Undecided 13%)
Better middle-order batsman: (Morrison 63% Shorten 21% Undecided 16%)
Better schooner skoller: (Morrison 69% Shorten 21% Undecided 10%)
Better cap wearer: (Morrison 73% Shorten 18% Undecided 9%)
Better sheep shearer: (Morrison 72% Shorten 15% Undecided 13%)
Better pretend truck driver: (Morrison 74% Shorten 13% Undecided 13%)
Better fodder bale thrower: (Morrison 74% Shorten 13% Undecided 13%)
Better looking person because of a lack of facial moles, quite possibly cancerous: (Morrison 91% Shorten 9% Undecided 0%)

These KPIs average out at: Morrison 69%; Shorten 18%; Undecided 13% (top image).

The Australian in its front page story writes: “These results will not come as a shock to any astute political observer who has seen Mr Morrison campaigning with such verve, confidence and steely Christian conviction over the first two weeks of the campaign.

“By comparison, a nervous Mr Shorten has appeared shocked and disheartened by the realisation that this election is not going to be handed to him on a plate as somehow was his God-given right.”

In his four-page commentary piece, The Australian‘s revered political commentator Paul Kelly congratulates Newspoll for posing questions “that everyone needs answers to”.

“Voters clearly are disenchanted with one of the major parties expecting a ‘coronation’ and are sick and tired of hearing the same old palava as to which side is better for education or health or the like. No wonder they’ve turned off unless it’s something absolutely crucial to our nation’s future such as border protection and national security.

npollPPM 070419 first.

“Can you really blame them for losing interest? But now Newspoll has come along and tested the waters with key performance indicators that average Australians really care about and the pollster deserves credit for that.”

In other Newspoll findings, Mr Morrison has maintained a healthy lead on the king of KPIs – preferred PM – leading Mr Shorten by a comfortable 14 per cent. This is an improvement from the 46-35 lead the PM enjoyed in Newspoll a fortnight ago.



On two-party-preferred terms, Labor has slightly extended its lead over the Coalition, now leading 53-47 compared with 52-48 two weeks ago.

But The Australian in tomorrow’s editorial will opine: “With only three weeks of campaigning to go, a slight worsening in Newspoll could deter lesser mere mortals but it will be seen as an exciting challenge by someone with the marketing and people skills of ongoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“The PM has been playing Mr Shorten off a break the past two weeks of campaigning and this newspaper expects nothing to change over the next three.”


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