Rare bird threatens Adani mine


Another endangered bird species has been discovered near Queensland’s proposed Adani coal mine, posing a potentially fatal blow to the controversial project.

garden-reuse-tires-art-white-swan-decorating-ideasAustralian Greens Party leader, Senator Richard Di Natale, announced the rare tyre swan – scientific name Bobjanus beaurepairus – (pictured) had been found on a number of properties near the mine.

Senator Di Natale made the announcement during a rest stop by the anti-Adani convoy travelling to the mine site and led by former Australian Greens leader, Dr Bob Brown (main picture).

“There is already a question mark over the future of the black-throated parrot because of the proposed mine’s impact, ” Senator Di Natale said.

“Now we’ve discovered that the area hosts an as-yet-unknown number of tyre swans which must be protected and preserved at all costs so future generations can enjoy their beauty.

“Tyre swans are a dying breed and we must do all we can to save them. Black tyre swans are rare enough but the ones found near the Adani mine site are the even rarer white tyre swans.

“They may be the last ones left in Australia, we just don’t know.

“This is a find of world significance and shows what’s at stake and what can be lost forever if the mine goes ahead.

“It’s clear that intensive studies need to be undertaken into the number and range of tyre swans in the area in and around the proposed mine site.

“If any one of the tyre swans is at risk then the mine simply can’t proceed,” Senator Di Natale said.