Shock result from #newspoll


Tonight’s key Newspoll result will dismay the major parties on both sides of politics and will have both LNP and Labor strategists wondering why they bothered trying to stage manage the first week of the 2019 federal campaign. 

In a complete break from years of tradition, the major question posed this cycle by #newspoll was: What do you think the chances of a Newspoll tonight are?

Some 1623 respondents were surveyed from a restricted three days of polling from last Tuesday to Thursday, given the long Easter weekend.

And as usual, your No.1 family Bug has beaten all others to the result, several hours even before @GhostWhoVotes.

Of those polled, The Courier-Mail‘s veteran political reporter Dennis Atkins said there was only a 17 per cent chance of a Newspoll tonight. The nation’s psephologists as well as Kevin Bonham and The Bug‘s own resident poll tragic put the odds at 37 per cent.

Newspoll tragics came in at 21 per cent chance of a poll, while a quarter of all those surveyed couldn’t give a flying fuck.

In other Newspoll results tonight, the two-party preferred vote and the preferred PM findings stayed much  the same as a week ago, leading some sceptics to believe Newspoll didn’t go into the field at all for no other reason than to save money because no-one ever advertises with The Australian.

Labor has widened its gap over the LNP marginally to 53-47 two-party preferred, while the preferred PM result shows a slight improvement in Bill Shorten’s favour, although the high undecided vote shows that to many voters, both leaders suck big time.


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