PM dares to bare to snare votes


As polling continues to show a tight election race, Prime Minister Scott Morrison went for broke last night in his efforts to swing votes away from the Labor Party by streaking at half-time during an NRL fixture in his own seat last night.

On the eve of the Good Friday break in campaigning, Mr Morrison returned home and headed to Shark Park to watch his beloved Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks go up against the Penrith Panthers.

Mr Morrison insisted beforehand that he just wanted to relax and watch the game, but at the start of the half-time break the ground announcer let the crowd know the Prime Minister was in the stands.

Television cameras then zoomed in on Mr Morrison as he was playing a beer drinking game with Cronulla fans, one of whom apparently suggested  he streak across the field.

The crowd surrounding him then began to chant: “Streak! Streak! Streak!”

The Prime Minister took one last swig of beer and then declared: “You’ve gotta have a go to get a go!” Mr Morrison then began to shed his clothes and, once naked, ran down the stadium stairs to the boundary fence carrying only his towelling hat.

After leaping the fence, the Prime Minister brought the capacity crowd to its feet by running a lap of the field with both hands raised above his head, while pointing to the crowd and yelling the Liberal Party’s election slogan: “Building our economy. Securing your future.”

Fronting the media after getting dressed, Mr Morrison was still in an upbeat mood.

“We’re back in the black and I’m back in my dacks,” he told reporters.

Mr Morrison was also unrepentant about his action.

“People have a right to see their local member, and their local member’s member,” he joked.

But, always the professional politician and never one to miss an opportunity to score points, Mr Morrison continued: “You won’t see Bill Shorten doing what I just did.

“Not only because he doesn’t run like a fair dinkum Aussie bloke. Maybe because Labor and their criminal union thug bosses wouldn’t want him to expose his jiggling man-boobs.

“Maybe it’s because if he did we’d all find out why they him ‘Shorty’ Shorten. People might then see he’s not fit to be prime minister of our great nation.

“Remember John Howard said Kim Beazley didn’t have the ticker to be PM. Well I suspect Bill Shorten doesn’t have the tackle to lead our nation in these uncertain and dangerous times,” Mr Morrison said.