Shitsheet rides to shit pollie’s rescue!


Look out, Australia. It appears Tony needs the Tele!

That’s the only logical explanation for why the Daily Telegraph in Sydney – arguably Rupe’s rottenest rag in all of Oz but only because The Courier-Mail in Brisbane has a much smaller circulation –  felt it necessary today to sink the boot into one of  Tony Abbott’s main opponents as the Mad Monk battles to keep his federal seat of Warringalah.

And the basis for the paper’s appalling heading and front-page splash? Zali Steggall’s ex-husband and new wife really don’t like the ex-wife/wife No1. You can see why the executives at the Tele shouted “Hold the presses” and plated up this amazing story as quickly as they could. Of such vital interest to practically none of their readers.

Who would have thought ex-spouses don’t like each other, hey? And wife No2s are not all that enamoured of wife No1s. Actually, that could be unfair. Ms Steggall might be as nice a person as she appears to be and has only ever wished the ex-hubbie and his new squeeze well.

zali front detail - net.jpg

And the reasons why Steggall’s ex and his new wife – not her family any more, by the way – are so “piste off”? Zali (she’s a famous ex-skier – got it?) had the temerity to suggest in a tweet that hate speech had a role to play in the Christchurch massacres.zali page - net.jpg

The very nerve of her. A would-be politician pointing indirectly to all the hate-speech rubbish that has spewed from the mouths of Morrison, Dutton and Co for ever and a day. And thinking the voters in Warringah might want to know that.

And by saying that and putting the hashtag #warringahvotes at the end of the tweet, she’s an “idiot”, “opportunistic” and “lacking the temperament of a leader”. Ouch!

All of which deserved almost a full page inside the rag (right). The ex has even ‘filed’ a complaint! In the post-divorse court, maybe?

With such a “family feud” you’d think the poor woman had bitten into an unpeeled onion or give Prince Philip an Australian knighthood! Or spend her entire adult life going “ha ha ha ha” instead of laughing like normal people do.

Even if you agree that Zali’s one ex-family member – the hubbie – had a fair point, all that exposure? Really? It might give heart to those of the view that the Mad Monk is in deep poo-poo as he discovers all the pressing local and state government issues that have escaped his attention over the past 25 years as the federal member.

Anyway, it’s probably natural The Daily Torygraph would spring to Tony Abbott’s aid in his time of crisis.

Who will ever forget the front page of its sister paper, The Sunday Torygraph, days out from the 2013 election. AUSTRALIA NEEDS TONY, it shouted. And didn’t that end well for our nation?

australia needs tony