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Scott Morrison has started his re-election campaign channeling the Mike Myers’ character Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

For many months now, Morrison has been on the screen demanding that the world (Australia) take notice of his threat that Labor plans to rip $200 billion in taxes off retirees, property investors, shareholders, etc, etc.

He never mentions that’s over a decade. The threat is far more effective when voters think that amount is coming out of their pockets come Sunday morning, May 19.

And Morrison/Doctor Evil  has appeared a little confused and bemused as to why the country, according to the opinion polls, has been largely unmoved by his grim predictions. Maybe not laughing out loud at him like in the movie but not believing him for a moment either.

Now he has doubled down – or is that up? He’s come up with a new threat level by cobbling together those new taxes that he now puts at $157 billion, with the $230 billion that he says Labor will be taxing Australians by not agreeing to the government’s flattening of the income tax scales in the out years.

With the help of not just Rupe’s rotten rags but the Nine (formerly Fairfax) papers as well, the caretaker prime minister has used the first full day of Election 2019 to conjure up the greatest tax grab in Oz political history – a black hole of Labor greed that he hopes will suck Bill Shorten and Labor into campaign oblivion.

It’s not a black hole in normal election parlance: a massive budgeting miscalculation by a party about its costings. And by that I mean the Labor Party and it’s generally discovered by News Corpse Australia via an LNP drop towards the end of a campaign. And they’re generally chicken feed – a couple of billion dollars there, a similar amount here.

No, Morrison is blowing hard and trying to frighten harder about a $387 billion Labor tax grab – that’s the figure he says Treasury has calculated Labor will rip off Australians in higher taxes in the decade ahead.

And he’s in big trouble if, unlike in the Austin Powers movie, the electorate doesn’t take his fresh threat seriously.

If you don’t like the Doctor Evil analogy, think maybe of Morrison as a gambling addict who needs a big win and he needs it fast.

The game has only just begun and it can be argued that Morrison has already thrown the earliest  “last dice” in the history of Australian elections in the hope that Australian voters will finally wake up to themselves.

Doubt that? He’s put all of Labor’s money on the table early. Where does he go to from here if this $387 billion ambit/gambit claim he’s tossed there doesn’t provide the numbers to put him back in the race? From the crap table to the crapper.

If you don’t like the Doctor Evil or the gambling analogies, think of Morrison as a porn star. Sorry about that.

He’s gone for the money shot at the start of the movie and that seldom works out well either in erotic filmmaking or in real life.

Don Gordon-Brown

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