Is it ova for Egg Boy?


Poor early sales for his debut album have marketing experts wondering whether Egg Boy’s “fifteen minutes of fame” are over.

Egg Boy is the 17-year-old Melbourne youth who shot to national and world fame after his recent “egging” attack on Senator Anning and the Senator’s physical response went viral worldwide on social media platforms.

Egg Boy’s first foray into the music industry, “Ovum” was released on Monday and sales, according to record music industry insiders, are “sluggish at least”. The album is also getting very little airplay, even on those radio stations targeted at the youth market such as Triple J and Nappy 104.
egg boy album cova - net.jpg
One of Australia’s leading marketing experts says while there are things to like about the album, it’s “not going to set the world on fire”.

Morris Scotson, (main picture above), the marketing genius behind the ad campaign, Come On Over For A Melanoma, that featured Laura Tingle in a bikini and saw tourist numbers to the Sunshine State in particular plummet, sees pluses and minuses in Egg Boy’s latest venture.

“Look, there’s a few reasonable songs there about teenage angst that you’d think the kids would relate to – The Yoke’s On You and I’m Ova You are two reasonable songs from a young man on the cusp of sexual maturity and wondering who is waiting out there for him – but I just don’t think the connection is there.

“And while Egg Boy’s voice is nice enough, I think his decision to record all tracks using only his own air guitar as backing was possibly an error.”

Mr Scotson said he had heard on the industry grapevine that an album flop would put in serious jeopardy the planned Broadway musical on Egg Boy’s life, Cracked Up, the lucrative movie and Netflix series deals and the world TV travel series, Where to eggsactly?, to be co-hosted by Michael Portillo.

“The money men are starting to get a little jittery,” Scotson said. “At least that’s what I’ve been told.

“It’s some consolation to the young man that his new range of teenage hair products, pimple creams and his cookbooks are by all accounts going well, and the planned national TV variety show he is set to host on Channel 10 has been locked in.”