Peppa Pig returns fire


Popular children’s TV character Peppa Pig has broken her silence to hit back at suggestions she is perpetuating sexist stereotypes.

London Fire Brigade last week took to social media to criticise the use of the term “fireman” in an episode of the popular Peppa Pig TV program.

“Come on @peppapig, we’ve not been firemen for 30 years,” the LFB tweeted.

It said Peppa Pig had “a huge influence on kids” and by using outdated gender-specific wording instead of the word “firefighters” the TV series was discouraging young girls from becoming firefighters.

But in a hastily convened news conference at the BBC’s television production studios in London, the star of the TV show rejected the criticism.

A clearly tired and emotional Peppa Pig said the London Fire Brigade could “stick their tweet up their  collective hoses”.

“For fuck’s sake, it’s a fucking cartoon show,” Ms Pig said.

“I’ve been playing the lead role since the show started in 2004. That’s 15 years, so I think I know a bit about what does or doesn’t influence kids.

“I can honestly say the LFB is talking through its arse.

“If you look at the episode in question, The Fire Engine, you’ll see it involves me and my on-screen brother George going with our Mum  to help out at Miss Rabbit’s fire station.

“Hello! Hello! Did you hear that LFB? It’s Miss Rabbit’s fire station. Yes, Miss Rabbit, as in a female running a fire station.

“It seems Miss Rabbit had no problem in climbing the fire ladder to get to run her own station.

“We shot that episode a decade ago so I hope the LFB is quicker off the mark when it gets a call about a fucking fire.

“Fuck me, shouldn’t the LFB be doing something more worthwhile, like rescuing cats out of trees or getting ready to put out the flames when the riots and looting starts after we crash out of the EU without a Brexit deal?”

Ms Pig finished her comments, declared she would not be taking any questions, then paused for a moment to belch and break wind, before trotting off.