Spray that again, Pete

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Peter Dutton’s mouth reminds me of the inlet valve at a major sewage works. He opens it up and shit pours out everywhere.

Horrible, slimy, runny shit flowing all over the place, creeping into the cracks and crevices of our lives and stinking out our entire existence to billyO. It’s what shit does.

The Home Affairs Minister opened the valve again this morning when he told Radio National Breakfast: “I’m hardly going to take morals lectures from the extreme left who are, frankly, as bad in these circumstances as Fraser Anning.”

Of course there’s not a lot of logic to shit. It’s not that bright. Shit, after all, is just shit. I’m talking Dutton here.

Sewage Valve Man several weeks ago said Manus Island and Nauru refugees were already forcing Australians off hospital waiting lists. A shitty lie, of course. Australians would also be tossed out of their homes to give these refugees somewhere to live. More shit from Dutton, backed up by Prime Minister Morrison who’s no novice when it comes to spreading anti-Muslim shit himself. Poke a wheeled stick up either of their arses and you could push them around and around and fertilise a pretty large paddock in no time at all.

Oh, how those two banged on about African street gangs before the Victorian election. And all their talk of rapists, murderers and pedophiles pouring into Oz from Manus Island and Nauru, courtesy of Bill Shorten. All that, after a decade of labelling refugees who came here by boat as “illegals” when international law clearly says they’re not.

But Dutton especially, having spent his waking moments for years demonising refugees, has somehow been able to sniff, beyond all the shit that he spews forth,  the political wind since last Friday’s mass murders.

You can almost hear him thinking in that slimy, shitty way of his: “How can I bullshit the Australian public so they don’t notice I’ve been just as bad as Anning in my own way for a long, long time?

“I know! I’ll open the valve right up and let the shit flow all  over the political left and see how much of it sticks.”

Let’s hope the strong breeze blowing since last Friday throws that shit right back into his slimy, shit-dumb, shitty mcshit  face.


Should we feel a little sorry for RN Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas?

She seemed genuinely stung by the at-times vicious social media response to her reporting of PM Morrison’s words on the Christchurch massacres.

She tweeted on March 14: “Incredibly strong statement by PM @ScottMorrisonMP for calling out this heinous violent crime against Muslims. He rightly described it as a right wing terror attack. That is what this is.”

The response was much like Dutton’s sewer inlet of a mouth: swift, hot and steamy and  putrid. Their main beef? That Karvelas should have taken into account Morrison’s long history of anti-Islam comments.

Karvelas responded to one tweet: “I think there must be a misunderstanding about how twitter actually works. One comment about one press conference is not an entire thesis or analysis of everything the PM has ever said about Muslims. If you think it is this isn’t the platform for you.”

I’m sort of with Karvelas on this one but can see the other side’s view as well. Maybe she could have left out the “incredibly strong” bit, given that as one of our nation’s best journos, she would be acutely aware of Morrison’s long history of anti-Islam comments.

I can’t see an earlier version of Patricia Karvelas praising Hitler’s “incredibly strong” actions in picking out just one family in Auschwicz and giving them some money and a day pass to enjoy some shopping in nearby Krakow. Can you? “Have a gas time in town but be back by 1800 hours, okay?”

Or if today’s Patricia Karvelas turned her skills to religion reporter, can you imagine her praising George Pell’s “incredibly strong” performance if he managed to walk straight past a choirboy without cracking a fat?


And while we’re on about politicians who are full of shit, I see that One Nation leader and anti-Muslim crusader Pauline Hanson was being given her usual two tanks full of oxygen while being “grilled” by Sunrise host David Koch on Channel 7’s Sunrise this morning.

Koshie makes me think of an anti-drugs campaigner standing on a street corner shouting about the horrors of illicit drugs while passing out free foils of coke and smack and little packets of top-shelf hooch to all the addicts who shuffle by.

kochiehansonIf Koshie has been a lawyer, I’m thinking the bumbling defence guy played by Austin Pendleton in My Cousin Vinny.

Referring to the anti-Muslim diatribe posted by the alleged offender on the internet before the attack, Koch QC said: “This terrorist manifesto almost reads like One Nation immigration and Muslim policy. Do you feel complicit with this atrocity?”

Senator Hanson almost went burserka, strongly rejecting the shocking accusations being leveled by Koch before giving him a big kiss and saying: “See youse next week!”

The Bug understands the Sunrise switchboard was flooded with calls from James Ashby using an electronic voice distorter, saying Senator Hanson was a total disgrace who should never, ever, again grace the Sunrise set.

A technique he used many times before to cement in place Hanson’s regular Sunrise appearances that have occurred over the past two decades during which she has been free to promote her One Nation immigration and Muslim policy that reads like a white supremacist terrorist’s manifesto, written with the muzzle tip of a semi-automatic assault rifle dipped in blood.