Nats flag Barnaby concerns


Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Michael McConnell has raised with senior Morrison Government figures his concerns about the fitness for office of his predecessor Barnaby Joyce.

Mr McCorkerill would not comment when contacted by The Bug but it is understood his concerns follow recent outbursts by Mr Joyce that have caused political problems for the Coalition government.

A National Party insider told The Bug Mr McAttack had expressed his growing concerns about Mr Joyce’s recent behaviour directly to Prime Minister Morrison and other senior Ministers.

“First it was the supposed unrest within the party about Michael McCourtney’s leadership and his alleged failure to cut through with a distinct message for the Nats to sell in the lead-up to the coming election,” the insider said.

“The fact is the only unrest was coming from Barnaby because he wants his old job as leader back.

“Then just recently Barnaby joined rebel Queensland Nationals to put the government under pressure by demanding a coal-fired power station for their state.

“What’s not widely know is that Barnaby’s original ask was for a nuclear power plant, but even the Queensland Nats baulked at that. Well, some of them did.

“In the midst of that kerfuffle Barnaby even claimed publicly that he had been elected as Deputy Prime Minister at the 2016 federal election which was a clear indication he thinks he should still have the job.

“It gets worse. He’s been seen running around his electorate in his own private ute with a police escort which he demands wherever he goes (main picture) even if he just pops down to Woolies.

“He’s stuck flags on the front of his ute, one of which he claims is the official ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ flag.

“But it’s just a version of the national flag on which he has crudely drawn the initials D, P, and M.

“He’s even spraypainted his own ‘official’ C-2 number plate to rival the C-1 plate on the PM’s official BMW. But no Deputy PM has ever had an official flag or rego plates.

“It’s actually quite worrying. People I’ve spoken to tell me he even walks around humming Hail to the Chief, which is just weird,” the insider said.