Rebel Nats mine support


Disgruntled federal National Party MPs agitating for a coal-fired power station in their home state of Queensland are remaining tight-lipped about another demand they plan to make on the Morrison Government in the lead-up to the expected May election.

The rebel MPs are expected to reveal a new policy proposal titled “Mine for Life” in a bid to reinforce their support for the mining industry and to shore up votes in regional resource-based federal seats.

“We want to send a signal to all voters across Australia that we back our mining industry 100%,” one rebel National told The Bug on condition of anonymity.

“We are sick and tired of the industry being pilloried and blamed for all sorts of ills when in fact it’s a huge employer, a huge export earner, and keeps many regional centres alive, as well as keeping our national economy humming.”

But The Bug understands the new rogue policy proposal to be unveiled in the next few days by the groups of rebel MPs is actually part of a push for allowing the mining industry to once again use child labour.

“Well, I’m not confirming or denying anything right now, but I will say that sending kiddies down the mines was once a perfectly natural and acceptable thing to do,” the anonymous National MP said.

“It meant kids learned skills at an early age and their wages, low though they may have been, added to the household income so all families who worked in the mining industry enjoyed a pretty good standard of living, until underground accidents stopped some of them living altogether.

“It was stopped because of the supposed dangers involved and because some soft-cock lefties wanted kids to go to a formal school and get their heads filled by soft-cock lefty teachers with a load of nonsense that never helps them earn a living when they leave school.

“That’s why we’ve end up with all these kids out of school, on ‘strike’ in a protest over non-existent ‘climate change’.

“We would not be facing this situation if kids got to know the facts about mining first hand by working in the industry.

“We reckon kids should get involved in the industry as early as possible so they get to know all about it and can make it their career for life, albeit a short one,” the National MP said.