Candidates check ‘fake’ backers

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Libs’ claim sparks campaign checks

Candidates in the Warringah electorate have double checked their volunteer lists after claims by the Liberal Party that agents of independent candidate Zali Stegall had infiltrated Tony Abbott’s campaign.

Ms Stegall (pictured above with one of her campaign workers) rejected the claims and added that the allegations prompted her to undertake an audit of her own campaign members and structure which had confirmed its integrity.

abbott babyThe Liberal Party claimed “fake” supporters of Mr Abbott had signed up to work on his campaign in the hope of securing internal intelligence to help Ms Stegall defeat him.

“This is a ridiculous claim and I totally reject it,”  Ms Stegall said. “It just seems like a crazy thought bubble the Liberal Party has floated to discredit me and my campaign, but it won’t work.”

Even candidates with an outside chance of winning the traditionally blue-ribbon Liberal seat, such as the Labor Party’s Dean Harris (pictured discussing campaign tactics with a would-be voter) have taken steps to eradicate fake supporters.

“I am confident that we are running a secure and honest campaign,” Mr Harris said.

Clinton rules out 2020 White House bid

Hillary Clinton has announced she will not seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for US President in 2020.

“No way will I run in 2020,” Mrs Clinton (pictured) said. “You can take that to the bank.

“For anyone urging me to run in 2020 the answer is no, no, and no again.stream_img

“I’m not going to run the real risk of getting my ass kicked by Donald Trump for the second time in a row.

“I’m sitting out 2020 and I’ll be running in 2024 once Trump is gone and after he disposes of Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders in 2020.

“Hell, if I get the nomination then I’ll be only 77 at the time I lose the 2024 election.

“That’s what I’m planning. I’ve definitely got one more election in me to lose,” she said.

Charles celebrates milestone

Prince Charles has marked the 50th anniversary of his investiture as Prince of Wales by shouting his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to a range of active recreation events.

Royal insiders told The Bug that the Prince had let it be known months ago that he wanted to share the celebrations with his mother.

queen bungeeAs a result, the Queen spent the day engaged in a range of activities starting with her first bungee jump (pictured), followed by rock climbing using the “free soloing” technique without ropes or anchors, and ending the day at a relaxing grouse shoot with members of one of the Prince’s charities supporting the blind.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said Her Majesty had enjoyed her day out and looked forward to repeating the experiences, although she had been disappointed that the Prince of Wales had not been able to join her because of a sudden and unspecified illness.