A mighty Pyne falls


The Bug asked a random selection of voters about the imminent exit from politics of federal Liberal Party veteran MP and minister, Christopher Pyne.


Pierre Du T’ton, French tourist, Brisbane
“Christopher has faced many challenges in the seat he has held since 1993 and it now looks a much safer seat than many other Liberal-held electorates around the nation. I think the people of the Sturt electorate are sophisticated enough to accommodate someone of tremendous talent but from outside the electorate, and even the state, succeeding Christopher.”


Morris Scottson, salesman, Canberra
“I don’t think Christopher Pyne’s departure means the end of the Morrison Government is inevitable. In politics you never know what might happen before an election. You just never know what’s over the horizon. A boat, hopefully.”


pyne butcher

Trevor Flapp, butcher, Mount Lofty SA
“He’s been a customer for many years and the first timer he popped in he told me: ‘I’m a fixer. I’m going to fix a meal for the family.’ Yeah, he’s a good customer, but a real pain in the arse.”



Julie Bishop, ex-Foreign Minister, Perth
“Christopher, like me, has left big shoes to fill. Not as stylish as my shoes, obviously. And not as expensive. And bigger than mine, of course. Not that I’m defined by my shoes. But I believe Christopher was the sole of the South Australian moderates in the Liberal Party, and we can only hope any divisions caused by his departure will heel very quickly.”



Steve Ciobo, apparently an LNP Minister, Gold Coast
“I’m leaving too, you know. And it’s pronounced chow-bough, for fuck’s sake. CHOW-BOUGH!”