Clive plans to rebuild credibility


Clive Palmer plans to take to the stage in a new venture to publicise both his United Australia Party and his plans for building a replica of the Titanic.

Mr Palmer told The Bug he would be soon starring in a national tour of his new Liberace Lives tribute show.

“People may not realise that May this year will mark the 100th anniversary of Liberace’s birth,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is the perfect time for me to hit the road and take to the stage in RSL clubs and other venues right across Australia where I can reach average people and give them some music, a song, some stand-up comedy, a bit of dancing, and chat with them about the UAP and what we stand for, while marketing my Titanic project and making advance sales for its cruising schedule.”

The mining company executive and former federal MP has had little to show in the way of public support for his UAP after having spent several millions of dollars on advertising with no obvious impact on opinion polls. Doubts also surround the viability of his replica Titanic project.

“I know I have a credibility problem with the Australian public, especially after all the negativity that still surrounds the decision to close my nickel works in Townsville,” Mr Palmer said.

“But I am confident that my starring role in my Liberace Lives show will rebuild my credibility and public support for me will return very quickly.

“Tickets are on sale now for Liberace Lives and they are selling fast, so everyone should get in today and buy one before they are sold out,” he said.

The Bug asked Mr Palmer how well he could play the piano, sing, do stand-up comedy, and dance.

“Not at all, really. I can’t do any of those things … yet,” he said. “I’m going to twerk on it.”