Abbott gets towey as poll nears


Former prime minister Tony Abbott is taking an unorthodox approach to his prepartions for defending his Sydney-based Warringah electorate against a range of opponents at the coming federal election.

Mr Abbott is facing considerable local resistance to his re-election from local anti-Abbott community groups and high-profile independent candidate in former Olympic skier Zali Steggall.

But The Bug can reveal that instead of staying and working in his northern Sydney harbourside and beachfront seat the former PM is in Port Headland in north-west Western Australia undertaking rigorous physical training based largely on ocean swimming.

“I feel my time is better spent at this stage here in WA,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott’s daily training routine involves towing rickety old wooden boats from several kilometres offshore to land them on the beach at Port Headland (main picture).

He tows them by a rope tied to the boat and held between  his teeth. After a short rest, Mr Abbott tows the boat back offshore and repeats the procedure for most of the day.

Asked why he chose such a training regimen, Mr Abbott said cryptically: “It’ll pay off one day, and soon I hope. Besides, it’s all I’ve got left.”