Dutton launches murder probe


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says there is no evidence that presumed shark attacks in recent months, including one at Byron Bay this weekend, were not committed by illegal Muslim asylum seekers intent on committing murder.

Mr Dutton told a hastily arranged news conference (main picture) that he had ordered a departmental investigation into all recent “shark attacks” in the waters off all Australian states.

“This special investigation will determine if these attacks are, as I suspect, the actions of cold-blooded Muslim murderers, rapists, paedophiles, and terrorist boat people intent on invading our nation and imposing Sharia law and halal food on innocent Australians,” he said.

“Charges of murder or attempted murder should be laid if those who have committed these attacks are identified and arrested and they should be sent offshore never to set fin…. I mean foot, on Australian soil.

“The weekend attack that occurred at a popular east coast beach shows just how determined the rapists, murders, and paedophiles – these friends of Bill Shorten and Labor – are in their never-ending efforts to invade Australia.

“It’s clear that nothing will stand in their way, not even innocent swimmers and surfers who are simply out and about enjoying themselves and the freedoms our nation currently offers them to do so.

“All that is at risk because Bill Shorten and his Labor/Green  terrorist friends and supporters voted to open the door to evil people willing to do anything to come here and impose their fanatical, illogical, and scary ideas on the Australian population.

“The Liberal Party won’t stand for anyone imposing fanatical, illogical, and scary ideas on the Australian population,” Mr Dutton said.