Much-loved columnist ‘comfortable, sedated’


Courier-Mail deputy editor and fiery columnist Des Houghton (main picture) remains in a stable condition in a Brisbane hospital after collapsing at a fine-dining venue suffering from acute hurt last night.

Houghton was tucking into pre-entree appetisers (pictured) while reviewing the overpriced fare at recently opened haute cuisine French restaurant Le Toff Imbecile in the city’s popular South Bank precinct where he was reportedly also taking in the ABC’s Media Watch on his tablet, having been alerted he might get a guernsey on the show’s 2019 return over one of his cutting and forthright columns.

23794_115249958500973_772754_nIt is believed that when Media Watch presenter Paul Barry twice mispronounced the veteran Queensland scribe’s surname as “Horton”, Houghton swept aside an overpriced entrée of organic garlic snails,  stood up and shouted “I’m the columnist you can’t ignore” before fainting dead away, just managing to finish off a $34 glass of a reasonable red from Bordeaux as he went down.

A hospital spokesperson said Horton (sic) was resting comfortably under sedation and was expected to be discharged in time for Le Toff Imbecile’s opening this evening.

Workmates and former colleagues flooded social media with messages of support and wishes for a speedy recovery. Federal political scribe and Courier-Mail workmate Dennis Atkins tweeted: “Get better soon, Dave” and former C-M colleague Barry Dick posted on Facebook: “Des who?”