Sco-Mo surges in latest Newspoll


Scott Morrison has moved well clear of Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister in the first #Newspoll for election-year 2019.

“It’s a massive gap and one from which an Opposition Leader has never, ever, in Australian political history attained the privilege of being this nation’s leader, especially at a time when the economy is booming and jobs abound, meaning everyone who has a go will get a go,” The Australian says today as it presents the Newspoll results. (main picture above).

“Mr Morrison has more than doubled his lead as preferred PM over the hapless, shifty, trade-union puppet Bill Shorten. In the last Newspoll for 2018 on December 9,  in what was probably a rogue poll, Mr Shorten inexplicably had narrowed the lead enjoyed by Mr Morrison to eight points – 44 per cent to 36 per cent”.

The Oz reports that the PM’s lead is now a “whopping” 20 points ahead, with 52 per cent for the PM (up 8) and 32 per cent for Mr Shorten (down 4).

newspoll pref pm“Apart from showing that Mr Morrison and his strong, united ministerial team are now beginning to reap the rewards of good, strong, stable economic management that only the LNP has ever been able to provide for this nation, it’s important to once again restate the fact that no Opposition Leader has ever become the nation’s leader from such a poor standing on the most crucial of all Newspoll comparisons,” the paper opines.

“The poll results will almost certainly reignite leadership rumours within the Labor Party, with Anthony Albanese’s numbers men reportedly already phoning nervous Opposition backbenchers.”

newspoll2ppIn the poll of 1482 people surveyed from last Wednesday to Saturday, the simple question was put to respondents: “With property prices plummeting around Australia and the nation’s economic stability in doubt  as a result – indeed, the future of western civilisation and capitalism as we know it is now on the line – who do you prefer as Prime Minister: Scott Morrison, who will do everything in his powers to get annual residential property prices soaring back above 20% plus a year as it should always be as a sign of a healthy and fair society; or Bill Shorten, the alternate Prime Minister, who is determined to shiftily introduce negative gearing changes that will leave Australia’s residential and commercial property markets in utter ruins with millions homeless and starving to death on the streets, as predicted by leading experts in the field, including Peter Gleeson, Des Houghton, Renee Viellarris, Stephen Waddill, Piers Akerman, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Divine and many, many others.

In other #newspoll news, the two-party preferred vote has improved slightly for the government, with Labor still enjoying a commanding lead  54%-46%.

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