Promotion plan is food for thought


worold exclusive dinkusBuoyed by the public reception to marketing vegan foods through the nationwide Veganuary promotion, Australia’s food producers and processors are examining plans to launch similar campaigns for each month of the year.

Independent retail sector consultant Colin O’Skopie told The Bug he had received strong interest from industry players in his proposal.

The Veganuary promotion, running throughout January, encourages consumers to try vegan food for the first month of the year and perhaps convert to animal-free eating permanently.

But Mr O’Skopie, who has operated his Brisbane-based private consultancy for the past decade, said the industry needed targeted promotions for the full year.

“I am proud to say that the plans I have put to the Australian food industry go further than the Veganuary idea and encompass a far wider range of food groups and eating practices,” Mr O’Skopie said.

Mr O’Skopie has provided a list exclusively to The Bug of the 12 month-long promotions he believes will be fully embraced by the nation’s food industry by 2020.

“I hope that even before January 2020 we could start to see some of these special promotional months being added to Australia’s food calendar,” he said.

photo-1468577760773-139c2f1c335fMr O’Skopie’s special food promotion months are:

Jamuary: Australians will be encouraged to eat nothing but jams and conserves for the month.

Flabuary: Capitalising on the adage “fat is where the flavour is”, consumers will be asked to eat nothing but the fat and rinds trimmed from meat cuts.

Starch: For the entire month Australians will be encouraged to eat nothing but foods high in starch such as cereals, noodles, rice, and pasta.

Apill: Diet and meal-substitute pills are legitimate foods and will do little harm if consumed with nothing else for 30 days, according to Mr O’Skopie.

Whey: Imagine a thin watery gruel, but with no solid bits of anything whatsoever. It’s all you’ll get for the month.

Jewn: A month in which nothing but kosher food is eaten.

Jew-lie: Another month of kosher dining for those Australians who pretended to eat kosher food the previous month but actually didn’t.

Auguts: A full 31 days in which to eat any and all foodstuffs that take your fancy with no limits on portion size and no restrictions on the number of meals or snacks to be consumed per

Peptember: A full month of eating nothing but peppers and chillies.

Hocktober: Those who still have a functioning digestive system and anal sphincter after the previous month will eat nothing but pork hocks – roasted, smoked, or cooked in any of a myriad of other ways.

photo-1511091691672-077fac8f2046Doughvember: An all-bread diet for the second-last month of the year. The timing of this month-long promotion happily coincides with the first hot-cross buns for the following year’s Easter appearing on supermarket shelves.

Gheecember: Mr O’Skopie said after the previous 11 months consumers would be looking forward to a variety of festive foods so they would be allowed to eat whatever they wanted for the last month of the year as long as it was cooked in, infused with, or spread with clarified butter.