The flipside of television


Samsung has become the first major producer of television sets to launch new models that are vertical, rather than horizontal, in shape.

The South Korean-based electrical manufacturing giant made the decision after watching news broadcasts around the world relying more and more on public-provided footage to sustain news and documentary programs under shrinking budgets and declining journalist/camera operator staff numbers.

“Be it a fire in a building, a car crash or a sporting incident, the public always shoots their cell-phone videos in portrait mode,” a Samsung spokesperson said.

“You could have compulsory six-month courses for buyers of cell-phones trying to teach them to always shoot in horizontal format and they never would. People are basically fucking stupid.

“Television networks are left with the embarrassing decision to show the vertical footage and then flesh out the rest of the landscaped image with blurred vision of parts of the same footage.

“Our new vertical TVs will show the footage exactly as intended, giving our customers exactly what they want.

“While we will continue to market tradition horizontal models, we think the vertical sets will find a niche market from busy people who predominately view news programs and news channels.”

Other TV manufacturers contacted by The Bug said they had no plans to follow Samsung’s lead.

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