‘Floss’ kid hangs up his backpack


The Backpack Kid, the teenage You Tube star who helped spread “the floss” dance around the world, has retired a little more than a year after becoming an internet sensation.

Russell Horning from the US state of Georgia (pictured) was 15 when he gained worldwide attention performing his dance with Katy Perry on the US TV show Saturday Night Live.

flosskidHis performance went viral and Horning appeared on a multitude of television and internet forums showing off his moves.

But now aged 17 he is calling it quits.

“Man, I had a really good run there for a while,” he told The Bug in an exclusive interview.

“But I guess nothing lasts forever and when puberty hit me I just seemed to lose it.

“I was just a fresh-faced kid when I did the SNL thing and was quite supple and could do all the moves easy as anything.

“But now I’ve had a growth spurt and not just vertically. I’ve gone all chubby and flabby from eating all the crappy food forced on me in the green rooms at shows, TV studios, airport lounges, and nightclubs.

“None of my clothes fit me any more. Even my hardcore fans say I’ve lost my youthful looks.

“They’ve almost entirely stopped coming to my live gigs (pictured) and the few that do are inevitably disappointed to find I’ve stacked on so much weight I can no longer do the moves I could once do so easily.backpackkid

“The worm dance? Forget it.

“Just yesterday I tried to break dance and all I did was break wind,” he said.

Head of the School of Childhood Stardom Studies at the Annette Funicello University in Los Angeles, Professor  Ricky Mooney, (pictured) said Horning’s case was not unique.

“These days many young internet stars can experience success early in their lives but can quickly fade from public view,” Prof Mooney said.

mrooney“There is always the possibility they will experience a resurgence in their careers some time later.

“Well, when I say ‘possibility’ I mean they haven’t a hope in hell.

“They need to just get over it and be grateful they made some dosh from doing what’s essentially bugger all in the scheme of things.”