Brisbane man claims BOM bombed


A Brisbane man has launched legal action against the Bureau of Meteorology claiming compensation for what he claims is its “tardy and inadequate” forecasting.

zachmikenichZach Mikenich, who gives his occupation as handyman, told The Bug he wanted to teach the BOM a lesson and would take his case to the High Court if necessary.

“The Bureau has a responsibility to ensure all Australians have the information they need to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions and to benefit from advantageous conditions,” Mr Mikenich (pictured) explained.

“This week the BOM failed miserably when it gave no advance forecast of the mammatus cloud formations seen over Sydney (pictured on ABC News below).

“The mammatus, otherwise known as mammary clouds, are a rarely seen phenomena and I for one would have made sure I was in Sydney to see them and take advantage of their albeit transient presence.

clouds1“I will be alleging in my lawsuit that the Bureau of Meteorology’s tardy and inadequate forecasting denied me the opportunity to satisfy my personal needs and I have therefore sustained a loss for which I should be compensated.”

Mr Mikenich would not detail how he would have satisfied his personal needs if he had been advised in time by the BOM.

“I will be giving those details in my writ along with photos to help explain my argument,” he said.

“But let’s just say that if given adequate notice of the imminent formation of those clouds I could have been in Sydney within hours and had everything in hand.”

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology told The Bug it was only the second time in the Bureau’s history that it had been sued.

“The previous and only other occasion was when the Cyclone Fencing company sued during the short-lived period in the 1960s when the BOM was naming cyclones after Olympic sporting events,” he said.