The Beetrooter hits the G-spot


Further details have been released on the questions Australians posed about former Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Barnaby Joyce to make him Google’s most-searched Australian during 2018.

Google has reported that Mr Joyce (pictured at right above) was the Australian identity prompting the most questions of the search engine during the year.

Google’s Australian director of information collection, Enos-Al Aboutyou, said Mr Joyce became the most-searched Australian after people sought information on him during the tumultuous period in his personal life that culminated in his resignation as his party’s leader and Deputy PM.

Mr Aboutyou said most people searched for the name “Barnaby Joyce”.

But additional information released exclusively to The Bug, provided more details of the other type of questions asked about Mr Joyce.

Mr Aboutyou said the more specific questions included:

  • Why didn’t that balding, chubby, bare-faced liar Barnaby Joyce tell the voters at the New England by-election he’d left his wife for a younger woman?
  • Why would Vicki Campion bother with that fat red-faced buffoon Barnaby Joyce?
  • How will that beetroot faced root-rat explain his appalling public statements and behaviour to his innocent young son in years to come?
  • Why do self-absorbed arsehole pollies like Barnaby Joyce only ever think with their dicks?
  • Why would that fat selfish turd Barnaby Joyce ever leave his lovely wife and four beautiful daughters?
  • What sort of overblown ego does that balding, chubby,  has-been Barnaby Joyce possess to think he might ever make a comeback to a top job?

Mr Aboutyou explained the more specific and previously unreleased questions helped push Mr Joyce to the overall leading position as most-searched Australian.

beetrooter with beetroot SMALL