Shorten backs Bert/Patti for G-G


Outrage at the Morrison Government is rapidly building following its rejection of Bert Newton as Australia’s next Governor-General.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced NSW Governor, retired Army General David Hurley, will succeed Sir Peter Cosgrove at Yarralumla when His Excellency Sir General Peter’s term expires in March 2019.

Social media was awash with at least four messages from average Australians asking why Bert Newton had again been ignored as a logical choice for the position.

“Bert’s done the Logies so he knows how to hand out gongs. What else does the job of G-G involve?” a tweet from @iamanidiot read.

Another message tweeted by @iwhingeaboutanything said: “Isn’t our Gov-Gen the Queen’s rep here in Oz? Bert’s been in show biz for yonks and has mixed with queens all his life. Why not pick him, ScoMo?”

A tweet from @completelyillinformed said: “Typical. Tony Abbott appoints Liz Hurley as Gov-Gen. Another jobs for the boys by corrupt pollies.”

And @stickitup’em opined: “Cosgrove had all the charisma of a cancer-riddled Tasmanian devil and, what, we replace him with another colourless, humourless AJ [army jerk]? Would you want either of these men as a dinner guest?”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten denied he was embracing a populist approach in the lead-up to the next federal election by attacking Mr Morison’s decision.

“I want to make it quite clear I am not attacking David Hurley,” Mr Shorten said. “Under normal circumstances, I’d salute his appointment,” Mr Shorten added as he searched for the day’s quotable zinger.

“But I am attacking Scott Morrison for once again passing over our Bert. It’s very obvious to me and to all Australians that Bert should have been the clear and only choice.”

When asked if it might have been appropriate to appoint a woman as Governor-General, Mr Shorten paused for a split second, then said: “Sorry, did I say Bert Newton. I meant of course Patti Newton.”

After arriving at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, Bert Newton, (pictured with a top) said he would not be making any comment.

“I’ve made it a personal policy not to say a word in public after this year’s Logies,” he explained.