Another wee setback for Gerard


Head honcho of The Sydney Institute Gerard Henderson has apologised profusely for wetting his pants at an institute function yesterday at which Prime Minister Scott Morrison was guest speaker (pictured below).

The spreading dark stains on the front of Mr Henderson’s trousers became clearly evident as the founder/director of the right-wing think tank and research organisation nervously introduced his guest to dozens of institute members.

“I’m so annoyed with myself,” Mr Henderson told The Bug after the paper was alerted to the incident by the institute guest young enough to still be awake when the accident happened.

“I get so excited when my institute has the privilege of hosting a Liberal prime minister,” he explained. “I don’t drink for 24 hours before such events and I also practise my opening remarks over and over again with Anne the night before until I get them exactly right.

“So I get to these wonderful events and things run smoothly – there’s no stress at all – and then just being in the presence of greatness, the floodgates open.

“The last time the institute had John Howard as guest speaker, I shat my pants as well.”

Asked by The Bug why he simply didn’t wear triple-strength Kimbies to such events, Mr Henderson replied: “I do.”

morrison at sydney institute