Mexico recognises Karl and Jasmine’s wedding


The wedding of Channel 9 bad boy Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough has won a special award from the Mexican Government.

The happy couple recently joined a few hundred close friends at a Mexican beach resort to tie the knot in a lavish weekend of celebratory events.

Head of self-promotion for the Nine Network, Chase Ratings, told The Bug the newlyweds were thrilled to hear news of the award.

“The weekend’s events are what Karl and Jasmine are all about,” Mr Ratings said.

“So they and everyone associated with the wedding and related activities are excited that it has all been judged by the Mexican Government to be worthy of its Basura Blanca Award for 2018.

karl driveway“I must say it took a lot of planning. We were conscious of the need for a low-key event which is why we flew everyone to a secluded Mexican resort, accessible only via a narrow, non-descript track (pictured), and then gave the media GPS coordinates so they could find it.

“At all times the organisers were aware that the weekend was of course always going to be a very personal and emotional time for both Karl and Jasmine.

“It was to be all about them and not about the network or the Today show. So ‘low-key’ and ‘subtlety’ were the watchwords for my team of organisers.

“We were also aware of the fact that other people might be staying at the resort and using facilities such as the swimming pool (pictured).

karl pool“I have to admit I was wrung out by the time the wedding ceremony itself took place.

“I was so tired from making sure everything went to plan, directing the paparazzi where to get their best shots, tweeting photos, and background briefing Australian media that couldn’t make it to Mexico.

“But at the reception when I saw the smiles on the faces of Karl and Jasmine  as they cut their special The Block wedding cake (main picture above), I realised it had been all worthwhile,” Mr Ratings said.