Bennett’s Broncos bust-up exclusive!


Legendary NRL coach Wayne Bennett has rushed out a new book to explain the background to his shock sacking this week by the Brisbane Broncos.

The tell-all book, For a Fistful of Dollars Less, spares no-one as Bennett details how he was robbed of a legitimate million-dollar payout by the club for the last 12 months of his contract with them.

A spokesman for Bennett said: “It wasn’t Wayne’s fault that the Broncos went ahead and hired another coach (Rabbitohs’ Anthony Seibold) for the 2019 season.

“Wayne felt he still had an important role to play at Red Hill for the next 12 months and to be quite honest, he’s been left absolutely gutted by his sacking by Broncos CEO Paul White after all the loyalty he has shown him and the club. He didn’t see it coming at all.

“It’s common knowledge that Wayne hasn’t been travelling all that well financially of recent years on just a coach’s wage, so he really needed that million dollars. And not as some sort of payout. He was quite happy to work for it during 2019, helping in any way Anthony saw fit.

“Wayne simply cannot believe the club has used as an excuse to rip up his contract and to get out of their legal obligations the fact that he had been talking to Rabbitohs’ staff and players. Well, why wouldn’t he? He was going there late next year! What, he wanted to arrive knowing nothing about the club and its players?

“Wayne’s pro-bono lawyers say he’s got a 100% water-tight case to claim his 1919 salary but he said to me: ‘You know what? If those penny-pinching bastards want to play hardball, I really don’t care anymore. They’ve got longer pockets than I have so, fuck ’em, let them have my money’.

“He’s now hoping that the sales of this book might just go part of the way to recouping that amount and help get him back on his feet,” Bennett’s spokesman added.

Publishing industry insiders who have read For A Fistful of Dollars Less say it has the potential to be remaindered even faster than Tony Abbott’s Battle Lines, Barnaby Joyce’s Weatherboard and Iron: Politics, the Bush and Me and the pending release of this month’s 1020-page historical tome by Peter Fitzsimons, whatever its title will be.