New recipe for Annabel Crabb in 2019


ABC TV has promised a new and even more vacuous format for the next series of Annabel Crabb’s weekly food-based programs.

Head of the ABC’s lightweight entertainment division, Byfrom Beebeesee, told The Bug the next series would follow Annabel as she visited the scenes of notorious Australian crimes, mainly murders, mass shootings, or terrorist incidents.

“We think there’s an audience out there for the new series Food to Die For with Annabel Crabb,” Mr Beebeesee said.

“Christ, if they watched the empty pap we put to air in her previous few series then surely they’ll lap up this shit.”

The Bug sought an interview with Ms Crabb about the project but a spokeswoman said the multi-media personality, comedienne, reality TV show host and former journalist would not be commenting on this or any other projects being planned.

But Mr Beebeesee wasn’t holding back on his enthusiasm for this latest project for the entertainment superstar.

“Back in September we shot, pardon the pun, a pilot episode at the Belanglo Forest in NSW (pictured) and the head honchos at the ABC loved it.

annabelle forest“The only change they wanted, which we couldn’t really accommodate, was to send Emma Alberici to the Belanglo Forest instead of Annabel. ‘Just on the off chance’ they said, whatever that means.

“The concept of the series is pretty simple. Each week Annabel will visit the scene of a gruesome or grisly crime and talk to someone who was related to, or who knew, at least one of the victims.

“That person will be asked to recount if the love of fine food had helped them through their bereavement. Whether it did or not,  they will then be required to cook a lavish meal for both of them to consume  ‘as part of the ongoing healing process’.

“This gives Annabel a chance not only to scoff freebie meals she doesn’t have to cook, but also make some witty puns and observations about those who died horrible deaths.

“Come to think of it, does she ever cook? Apart from those lard-arse desserts she carries to each location? I suspect she buys them frozen and just pretends to whip them up for the cameras.”

Mr Beebeesee said production crews had been busy finalising all episodes for the new series.

“A week or so ago we flew to South Australia to film an episode in the bank vault made infamous in the Snowtown ‘bodies in the barrels’ murders (pictured),” he said.bankvault

“In the past few days we’ve been busy in the Sydney CBD.

“Just today we wrapped an episode outside the Hilton Hotel, the scene of a fatal blast in an attack on Commonwealth heads of government who were staying there in 1978.

“For that episode Annabel insisted on bringing the dessert, again. This time it was a bombe Alaska. Gee she’s a card,” Mr Beebeesee said.