Do you take sugar, Your Honour?


A regular vox pop space in Brisbane’s morning tabloid The Courier-Mail has caught the eye of a Bug reader.

The item asked a sample of passers-by in the city’s King George Square to name their least favourite stretch of road to drive. Fair enough.

But one of the published responses was from a fresh-faced young man of 25 whose occupation was listed by the city’s journal of record as “barrister”.word on the street.jpg

Hmmmm, chaps of his age certainly go to the bar when they are courting but not necessarily in a whiteish wig and a black flowing gown. Besides, how are you going to score looking pompous and superior?

A quick search by our reader of a popular social media site found a chap with the same name who looked remarkably similar to the one snapped by the Courier.

But one of his posts from a few months back was a shout out to his cyberspace friends asking if any of them knew of any jobs going for a barista.

A search of online databases for barristers also turned up nobody with the same name.

Perhaps the notoriously unshaded King George Square and its scorching temperatures caused the vox pop to be done on the run and brief words were exchanged but also misheard.

No doubt if they got it wrong there will be a full and frank correction seen very soon.


Things we’d like to hear from TV news readers…..

leaf blower


We know Kiwis love to fracture their vowels but the byline “Stuff reporters” in Christchurch’s daily rag is there on purpose. Inside pages cover stuff written by these people. Harmless fun in a way.

stuff reporters.jpg