Tom Cruise’s career as Jack Reacher cut short


Hollywood legend Tom Cruise has played Jack Reacher for the second and last time. And it’s all because fans of the fictional retired US Army major who drifts around righting wrongs have sized Cruise up and found him wanting.

Books in the lengthy series by author Lee Child describe Jack Reacher as nearly two metres tall and weighing up to 113kg. Cruise clocks in at 1.7m (just over three feet) and about 67kg if he’s just enjoyed a really large beef vindaloo and a half-dozen beers.

When Cruise was first announced for the role, social media lit up with fierce opposition from fans of the book series, one tweet  suggesting “Danny DeVito would be more believable”.

Cruise is pictured above standing beside Rosamund Pike during rehearsals for the 2012 movie, Jack Reacher, based on the book, One Shot. During actual filming, a metre-deep trench had to be dug for Ms Pike and all of Cruise’s other co-stars to stand in for all shared scenes so as not to overshadow the main star.

Studio bosses expect to save many thousands of dollars simply by not having to do that anymore.

“We’ll also be able to use full-sized cars for the chase scenes too,” one said.