Fresh faux pas from NRL chief


National Rugby League head honcho Peter Beattie has done it again, with another simple blunder that once again puts his suitability for the job into question.

The NRL chairman earlier today was walking through Martin Plaza in the Sydney CBD when he reportedly mistook a dwarf from a visiting circus troupe for one of the legends of the game, Alfie Langer.

Beattie laughed off the encounter, saying: “The little fella certainly looked startled when I went up to him, shouted “Go the Broncos!” and shook his hand. And to be fair, he was wearing a maroon and gold cardigan.

“He calmed down eventually but he did try to have a bet with me that I couldn’t throw him more than four metres,” Beattie quipped.

“But seriously though, I accept I’m on a steep learning curve in this sport and, sure, if people want to take me to task for that simple little misunderstanding, then I’m man enough to cop that criticism.”

In recent times, other blunders by Beattie have included:

  • Fronting Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood in an airport VIP lounge and begging him not to leave his coaching job at the Broncos;
  • Asking Storms captain Cameron Smith at this year’s Dally M awards how he managed to juggle his amazing football and golfing careers;
  • Flying down to Melbourne for the Brownlow Medal presentation and sitting there all night wondering why he wasn’t invited to talk;  and
  •  Telling a TV interviewer he thought Blocker Roach was a brand of insect spray.