City gears up for sex app battle


A new entrant in the online dating sector will start its first service in Brisbane next week just ahead of a rival with similar plans.

Both new services use apps downloaded to a mobile phone that allow subscribers to find a partner from a range of men and women offering to meet for sex. The person chosen by the subscriber will then transport themselves to the subscriber’s home, hotel room, or other designated meet-up spot on a pushbike or moped.

But unlike other apps used for casual sex, the new services will come at a price with subscribers having to pay the men and women offering their bodies for sexual pleasure at rates set by the app’s developers.

The first in the field next week will be Deliveroot whose CEO, Tibor Herkle, likened it to a cross between Tinder and Uber.

“Sex on Tinder is usually free — apart, of course, from any emotional costs and horrific, weeping STDs — but with Uber you need to pay the person offering their vehicle for ride-sharing,” Mr Herkle said.

deliveroot“On Deliveroot the person offering to transport themselves to your place for sex is the person getting paid by the subscriber.

“Deliveroot sets the rates and takes a small commission and we provide branded bikes or mopeds to those willing to sign up to offer their services.”

Rival app developer Town Bikes is expected to start a similar pay-for-sex service in Brisbane before the end of the month. Both apps have plans to roll out their services to other state capitals.

Town Bikes founder and owner, Belinda Strumble, said she was not disappointed that Deliveroot  would be the first to offer its services to Brisbane residents.

“The market’s big enough for the both of us,” Ms Strumble said, “and in any case, Town Bikes offers a little bit more than our rival.

“Traditionally apps aimed at facilitating sexual encounters have been targeted at young people, usually those up to 35.

“But Town Bikes is also planning to tap an older demographic by offering sex partners who can bring with them a hot and nutritious meal for subscribers aged 60 or more through our special Feels on Wheels service.”

photo-1508772382388-0b8fc7f7edb5Both Mr Herkle and Ms Strumble refused to detail the rates paid to those providing sex through their apps. They also denied their services ran the risk of police intervention by offering what were essentially prostitution services.

Both said all payments would be cashless and take place through their respective apps.

They also said their terms of service clearly stated that any money paid was simply to reimburse travel costs so technically no money would ever change hands for sex.

Ms Strumble added that Town Bikes had thoroughly investigated the legal issues and had tailored its services to put them beyond doubt.

“At the 11th hour we even changed the original bicycle-themed name we had intended to use — Hawk Your Fork,” she said.

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