Sluts sue Australian Senator


Legal action by Senator Sarah Hansen-Young targeting Senator David Leyonhjelm has prompted a number of self-proclaimed sluts to sue the Greens Senator for defamation.

Brisbane woman, Linda-Germaine Lovelace-Greer, has volunteered as lead litigant in a class action to be run by Brisbane law firm Writs R Us.

The firm’s principal Colin Hardly said at least 12 women had signed up to the litigation and he expected more.

Ms Lovelace-Greer is a 23-year-old bio-medical research scientist specialising in diagnostic haematology at a leading tertiary institution which she did not want named.

“When I heard Senator Hanson-Young was suing Senator Leyonhjelm I was outraged,” Ms Lovelace-Greer (pictured) said.camel toe

“She should have just said to him: ‘Listen mate, what you say is not true. But even if it were true — which it’s not — as a modern woman it’s my choice to act like that. I say what does or doesn’t happen to my body when it comes to sexual liaisons.’

“But instead of standing her feminist ground, Senator Hanson-Young (pictured at top of report) has claimed Senator Leyonhjelm’s comments damaged her reputation by implying she was a ‘slut’ who ‘shags men indiscriminately’.

“Well I am a slut, I do shag men indiscriminately and her comments made me feel demeaned and insulted.

“I subscribe to the feminist principle that women control their bodies and what they do with them is their own business.

“I’m a proud feminist and a proud slut,” she said.

Ms Lovelace-Greer said her housemates, Christine Rice-Davies and Mandy Keeler, had also joined the class action.

Ms Rice-Davies 25 is a lawyer specialising in refugee and human rights cases and Ms Keeler 26 is currently studying for a medical degree after completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy with honours.

Ms Rice-Davies said Senator Hanson-Young was “falling for the old trap”.

“Historically defamation actions in cases like hers try to claim the alleged victim has sustained some sort of damage or loss from allegations of promiscuity that cause people to ‘shun and avoid’ her,” she said.

“So as far as I can see she is walking away from modern feminist principles.

“I am proudly promiscuous but I can tell you nobody, especially men, shuns or avoids me. In fact I’ve got the opposite problem.

“But I’m a modern feminist so I pick and choose who I sleep with, when, and how,” Ms Rice-Davies said.

When asked how many sexual partners they had in an average week and whether they had photos they’d like to share,  the three women said they would not say.

The Bug also asked the women how they met men and what a typical night out was for them.

“We often go out together and, because all three of us are sluts, we don’t have any hang-ups about each other’s behaviour,” Ms Keeler said.

“When we go to a hotel or night club it’s never for long because we all have a keen eye for blokes who are up for a bit of fun so it usually doesn’t take long before we are back at our place in the sack — often all together.

“Of course dating apps make it a lot easier these days and you can arrange a meet-up at any time of the day or night.

“For instance just last Saturday arvo all three of us found three guys online we fancied and arranged to have lunch with them at the local RSL club.

“I really fancied a nice spit-roast. So the guys came to our apartment for that first and then we went to the club to eat.

“After mains we all adjourned back to our apartment and had a six-some,” she said.

Counsel engaged by Writs R Us to lead the class action, recently reinstated Brisbane barrister Dickie Shearman SC, said the case could go all the way to the High Court of Australia.

Mr Shearman said because of the potential for the action to develop as a landmark case in Australia’s judicial history he was not accepting a fee.

“I’ll be doing it pro boner,” he said.


Some versions of this online story include the paragraph: When asked how many sexual partners they had in an average week the three women said they would not say.

The paragraph should read: When asked how many sexual partners they had in an average week the three women said they could not say.


Hollywood “bad boy” speaks out on stud shaming

Legendary Hollywood actor Warren Beatty has spoken out on what he says is the devastating impact stud shaming has had on his life.

“Every day of my acting career has been marked by stud shaming which has hurt me deeply,” Beatty, now 80, said from his Hollywood Hills home.

“I was publicly accused of having sex at the drop of a hat with nubile young female co-stars or other female actors or celebrities.

“This sort of stud shaming has seen my acting and directing talents overshadowed by stories about my sexual prowess.

“I can’t count the number of nights I have cried myself to sleep after reading or hearing this sort of stud shaming directed against me.

“This sort of stud shaming needs to stop if men are to continue to work in the movie industry in places like Hollywood,” Beatty said.

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