If only we could find the cash!

Bloody hell! The nation’s finances are already in dire straits and now that hidden state of the environment report has finally been released, with the Australian Conservation Council CEO reckoning the federal government needs to find $2 billion quickly – and it’s probably just a start – to try to save the nation’s fauna and flora and the Great Barrier Reef to boot!

But where the fuck is a cash-strapped Albanese government going to find that amount after almost a decade of LNP financial mismanagement? The books are dripping blood red.

Anyone? Nobody got a clue?

Surely there must be someone out there beholden to solid Labor Party values who can see an answer to this problem? Anyone? Someone who doesn’t want to see almost $138 billion overwhelmingly directed at high earners? In other words, wasted.

No-one at all out there? Not a one? Bugger!

Shit! If there was only some way to help those koalas and Gang-gang cockatoos and other distinctly Australian things at least survive if not thrive….

Anybody? Anyone?


Don Gordon-Brown