Scomo’s plan comes unstuck

Plans by widely acknowledged marketing genius, former Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, to broker a future career in the entertainment industry for himself and outgoing UK PM Boris Johnson have struck trouble.

My industry sources tell me it was while he was still in office and long before his defeat at the May election that Mr Morrison struck upon the idea of a possible new career for both himself and Mr Johnson as a double act.

“Scomo, always a genius when it comes to marketing, saw a lot of himself in the UK leader,” one insider said.

“Being a marketing genius he knew that two ex-PMs are better than one and saw many future opportunities for them both in the entertainment industry when they were out of office.

“So once Boris announced he’d be pulling the pin Scotty was straight out of the blocks organising the first of what he was sure would be a long post-political career for both of them.”

But his plans have already run off the rails with a disastrous taped appearance by them both on the hit UK panel show Would I Lie to You? in London last week. (main picture)

A source within the BBC told me Mr Morrison had used his unrivalled marketing skills to sell the UK public broadcaster on the idea of having both Mr Johnson and himself star in an episode.

“It sounded like a good idea but once the show started it soon became obvious that something was very wrong,” the BBC source told me.

“Every time it was Morrison’s or Johnson’s turn to try to bluff the opposing team, the other panel members immediately declared they were lying.

“Soon opposing team members didn’t even wait for Scott or Boris  to finish reading the card on which their claims were written before they were said to be lying. Of course they were right every single time.

“It meant that the 30-minute shows they were recording were wrapped within 10 minutes.

“The BBC soon called it quits and showed both of them the door, never to be re-engaged,” the source said.

Mr Morrison would not comment when I contacted him, but an unnamed source close to the ex-PM said he was still upbeat about a career in entertainment despite the UK setback.

“I… I mean, he has analysed the problems with the BBC show and has decided to modify his plans,” the source said.

“He thinks a double act with Boris is too restrictive and is now looking at marketing himself and Boris as part of a threesome along with ex-US President Donald Trump. (pictured)

“He also thinks programs like Would I Lie to You? are bit too cerebral and is now looking at something more physically comedic, more slapstick if you will.

“How good is slapstick?” the unnamed source close to Mr Morrison said.