Intervention tackles interruptions

The ABC is convening an emergency meeting of its senior television executives to discuss a possible “intervention” to treat what is now being viewed as a debilitating condition suffered by David Speers, the host of its Insiders political panel program.

My sources within the national broadcaster tell me the drastic action follows the appearance by Speers in the short 9.00am ABC TV News broadcast this morning immediately before the start of Insiders.

As newsreader Fauziah Ibrahim was presenting the short bulletin Speers entered the studio to interrupt her and make his own comments on the stories she was reading. (main picture)

“David’s trademark is his talent – if you want to call it that – for interrupting interviewees or fellow panellists on Insiders or in any interview forum he is conducting,” one ABC insider not connected to ABC’s Insiders told me.

“But he has been known to interrupt a bit too much and viewers have been known to complain about it.

“This morning the ABC switchboard lit up following David’s interruption of Fauziah with most of them giving him a free character assessment.

“Our switchboard operators are currently offline and undertaking counselling which is one of the factors that led senior TV executives to decide that something must be done, and done urgently.

“The plan is to get David into a room and stage an intervention of the type used to confront individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol or other substances or behaviours that negatively impact those around them.

“It’ll be a hard task but hopefully we will see some improvement in David’s behaviour.

“Of course that all depends on whether David allows any of the participants to finish what they want to say about him,” the source said.