Good news hits the streets

Our Media Glass House teams, like our reader, know that right now most aspiring first-home buyers are locked out of the market, a rental crisis spreads across the nation, and homelessness on our city streets is growing more obvious.

So they wonder about the “greed is good” approach taken regularly by media outlets including News Crap Australia which insist on presenting high or rising housing values as an unquestionably good thing.

News Crap Australia is at it again today with many of its metro turdbloids carrying a “what your home is worth” feature that invariably encourages readers who already own a home to feel good about themselves and their investment. (pictured)

The double-page spreads inside metro turdbloids are based on data from a property analysis firm and  is the type of information that lets home owners know just how much the value of their house has grown since they signed on the bottom line to buy it.

Our MGH researchers always wonder how much joy those who sleep rough on our city streets obtain when they read these stories. (main picture)

At least the papers themselves might give them a warm inner glow, especially in cold snaps.

They also wonder whether the glowing and upbeat features will be published if and when current inflated home prices crash.

Of course the problem then will be that aspiring home buyers will no doubt face a scarcity of banks willing to lend for home purchases and the number of rough sleepers will be much greater.

Perhaps a double-page spread on data about them might be contemplated by News Crap Australia? Doubt it.


Any serious or even casual observer of Australian politics would know that National Party leader David Littleproud, shadow treasurer Angus Taylor and a few others in Liberal and National ranks were drawing an extremely long bow by attacking Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for being overseas while parts of Australia were hit by floods.

They stretched the bow to snapping point by justifying his attack by citing Labor’s criticisms of former PM Scott Morrison for heading to Hawaii during the 2019-2020 summer bushfires.

It’s a sign of the Liberal and National parties’ desperation and post-election confusion that they conflate a PM putting on board shorts, clocking off from the office, and sunning himself in Hawaii with one who is patently still at work while transacting essential business with world leaders.

Various media outlets have given coverage to the opposition claims, as they are obliged to do given the seniority of those making them.

But News Crap Australia turdbloids have been taking a “two bob each way” bet on the issue.

On Wednesday their news stories on the opposition criticisms (pictured) came complete with News Crap Australia’s trademark lack of quotation marks around the derogatory nicknames being applied to the PM, so readers start to accept them as fact and not just the baseless claims by two political desperados.

Contrast that with Wednesday’s editorial in The Daily Telegraph which said Albanese had “rightly dismissed criticisms for being away” on his “successful trip” to meet world leaders and visit Ukraine and meet its warrior president.

In Brisbane, The Courier-Mail editorial called the criticism of the PM “bizarre” and that he had made the right calls since taking office about which overseas trips to accept and which to reject.

Yet the Courier also thought it appropriate to apply the “Airplane Albo” moniker to the PM in the headline on its editorial, but without the quote marks we’ve used here. (pictured)

Once again readers could be forgiven for thinking it was now an accepted fact that the PM prefers to sit on an RAAF VIP than govern from home.

And don’t get us started with the American spelling of “airplane” which conspiracy theorists might view as hinting at the possible residency of its originator.

On Thursday The Courier-Mail presented further evidence of its efforts to embed the criticism in readers’ minds while still claiming that it is unfounded.

Its op-ed page carried a column by News Crap Australia’s political writer Samantha Maiden who batted back the opposition attacks on Albanese’s behalf while pointing out that not only didn’t the current PM launch the attacks on Morrison when it was revealed he was in Hawaii, but that as Littleproud and Taylor were opening their mouths the actual Opposition Leader Peter Dutton was on holidays. (pictured) Readers could presume he would’t be seen in the flood zone.

But adjacent to Maiden’s column was one penned by Stuart Robert, a Queensland Liberal National Party MP and former Morrison Government minister, which testifies to his veracity and talents.

In it Roberts continued the attacks on Albanese on his overseas travels.

If News Crap Australia wasn’t intent in covertly fostering the “Airplane Albo” label, the column by Roberts should have found a home where it truly belonged, on a spike or in a “deleted” folder on the Courier’s computer system.