Phil, for everyone’s sake: STOP IT!

Although there’s not a religious bone in the entire Media Glass House staff structure, can it make one final heartfelt plea to Phillip Coorey: For the love of God, please, PLEASE, take a long break from your own special brand of journalism!

The MGH overnight has played and replayed Coorey’s questioning of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the tarmac at Perth Airport and, trust us, you don’t need a team of top psychologists or behavioural scientists to know that even Coorey doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying.

His voice uncharacteristically nervous-sounding for such a veteran scribe – we’d love to think from embarrassment but probably not – Coorey began his question by a statement of fact in his own mind: the ever growing (read quite justifiable) criticism of Albanese’s (read far too many already!) OS trips. He then demanded to know why Albanese went ahead with a trip to Ukraine while the NSW coastal flooding was clearly under way.

And then the clincher: had Albanese created a rod for his back by criticising Scott Morrison for not visiting northern NSW floods while he was stuck in COVID-19 isolation (read the PM couldn’t make any decisions about helping flood victims up at Lismore and other parts of northern NSW until he could be on the ground with his personal photographer) and, before that, all those (read horrid and naughty and totally unfair) Labor Party attacks on Morrison’s (read much deserved after working so hard for so long) Hawaiian holiday.

The MGH’s twitterfeed is ablaze with outrage over such attempts by the federal LNP Opposition and mainstream media right-wing nutjobs such as Phillip Coorey to compare Albanese’s OS trips with Morrison lazing about in Hawaii while his office lied and said he wasn’t there. And rightly so as the comparison is a totally odious and and completely illogical and absurd one.

But here is where those Twitter folk are making a big mistake. They think the Liberals and mainstream media right-wing nutjobs such as Phillip Coorey simply can’t see how totally totally odious and absurd and completely illogical the comparisons are.

But the reality is that they can see that. They are not stupid people. They do see that. But they can’t help themselves. It’s in their DNA to abandon logic and commonsense to prosecute a cause no matter how flimsy or foolish is the argument’s base.

Both sides of politics are capable of it but the LNP are the champions of recent years. It’s probably the main reason the LNP federally is likely facing a long, long, time in Opposition.

But back to Coorey. We’ve mentioned before that Coorey has probably been a Liberal voter since his conception. And we get it that he writes for, presumably right-wing-leaning business folk.

But they are not dumb and neither is Coorey. The MGH suspects that a poll of subscribers to The Australian Financial Review would agree, albeit reluctantly, with Albanese’s view that any attempts to compare his OS travels with Morrison’s to Hawaii or any arguments that the Ukraine trip should have been scrapped are beyond contempt.

Nor would they think Albanese and Labor have created a rod for their own backs over any aspect of prime ministerial travel. Not yet, anyway. That’s Coorey embellishing Liberal Party talking points.

And that they’d probably respect Coorey more if he’d stop sprouting such LNP lines and find legitimate questions to test the new government over. They will arise, sooner than later.

The MGH does not believe Coorey can ever change and it’s for his own sake and the reputation of Australian journalism that he should take an immediate and lengthy break from his version of it.

Editor’s note: We’d love to give credit to whoever created the meme at the top of this article. Let us know and we’ll upload the appropriate acknowledgment.


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