Genius is out of the bottle


Scott Morrison has emerged from political hibernation to offer his marketing skills to the NSW Liberal Party to help it win the March 2023 state election.

A source close to Mr Morrison said the former prime minister had grown tired of “laying low” since the 21 May federal election and had decided to lend his talents to NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

“I have… I mean he has already devised a plan that would boost the NSW Liberal Party’s chances at the coming poll as well as solve a problem for the federal party. How good is solving a problem?” the source said.

“I am….. I mean Scott… Scotty… Scomo – how good is a nickname? – is an undoubted marketing genius and his plan for the NSW Liberals is the greatest thing he’s done since narrowly missing out on winning another term at the May federal election.”

The source said Mr Morrison had proposed to Premier Perrottet that the state Liberal Party recruit only candidates with “Black” as a surname to run in non-government seats next March.

“At the same time the Liberal Party can start to market throughout NSW all those ‘Back in Black’ coffee mugs that have been sitting in storage in Canberra for the past few years to help finance the NSW campaign. How good is a coffee mug?

“The campaign slogan in all non-government seats in NSW can then be ‘Back In Black’ as in back him or her in to win the seat. How good is winning?”

The source said Mr Morrison had also suggested to Mr Perrottet the option of having all sitting NSW Liberal MPs changing their names to Black before nominations closed next year, including the Premier himself.

“It would make things even more simple and would make the state campaign even cheaper because the same slogan and materials could be used in all seats right across the state,” he said.

“It really is a genius idea isn’t it? How good is a genius?”