Putin’ Vlad in the crosshairs

Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon be shaking in his poorly made Russian boots in a bunker deep under the Kremlin, frantically shouting out orders that all of his military forces leave all of Ukraine immediately, his eyes ablaze with fear in a bid to save his red Commie hide.

Well, the Media Glass House reckons he will be doing those things…. immediately after he’s shown the heading on the editorial in today’s Saturday edition of The Sydney Morning Herald. (above) and the stern words that follow.

The Russian despot has already suffered one humiliating backdown after former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott threatened to shirtfront him and the MGH expects the very threat that Anthony Albanese will shortly step up to a microphone in Kiev and declare that now is not the end of this war and it may not even be the beginning of the end although it may, perhaps, be the end of the beginning that will prove too much for the Commie mass-murdering dictator who will run, tail between his legs, like the cowardly cur that he is!


The MGH is wondering whether there were two Morrison governments somehow operating in parallel these past four years.

On Thursday, guest SMH columnist, Dr Chris Wallace, professor at the 50/50 By 2030 Foundation at the University of Canberra, certainly had us thinking that way.

In her opening paragraph, she wrote that sketchy grant-giving and contract-granting under the Morrison government had “created an unsavoury impression of a mob just this side of sliding into an ethical abyss”.

Just this side, Dr Chris? And just an unsavoury impression?

Maybe academics are diplomatic by nature and inherent benefit-of-the-doubt givers cautious not to condemn outright, but the Morrison government the MGH observed was so far over the other side it had toppled out of sight down that abyss, buried beneath billions of dollars of rolled-gold, top-shelf, most likely criminal but most definitely politically corrupt pork barreling.

Please contribute to the paper again, professor, but stop being so bloody nice! Or cautious. Or whatever the bloody hell you were doing in Thursday’s contribution.