Rupert plays the field, again


The New York Times has reported that media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his fourth wife, former model Jerry Hall, have split.

The New York daily paper said Mr Murdoch, 91, and Ms Hall, 65, would be filing for a divorce.

Observers of the US media sector said there had been rumours in recent weeks that the high-profile glamour couple who wed in 2016 was calling quits on their marriage.

“Rupert’s recent regular appearances at various exclusive beachside resorts during the American summer (main picture) can be taken as confirmation of The New York Times story,” said one industry source who did not wish to be identified.

“He is never one to waste time and is clearly out and about looking for a fifth wife even before he and his fourth partner have finalised their split.

“Given his recent track record I suggest Rupert will find it fairly easy to meet up with another soulmate.

“Personally, and given his abrasive personality and political views, I have always found it difficult to identify what women see in an ageing billionaire who could pop off at any time leaving them just a huge pile of cash. But that’s life.”

Another person who regularly deals with the Murdoch family said: “Rupert will do what he usually does after he leaves Jerry behind.

“He’ll identify a desirable single woman who has compatible political views and go after her.

“Looking back now I guess that’s why he recently asked me if I knew how to get in touch with Imelda Marcos.”

A regular on the New York social scene who also requested anonymity said Mr Murdoch was always careful to project “just the right image” when single and on the dating scene.

“Right now he is adopting the ‘silver fox’ image that blokes tend to favour as they grow older,” the source said.

“Or to be more accurate, in Rupert’s case it’s a sort of silver Fox News image since he grows more right wing as each day passes.

“Still, it’s an improvement on the jet-black fox image he projected in his 80s and way, way better than the bright-orange fox he became when married to Wendy Deng.”